National Evaluation Consultant to Conduct the Gender-Responsive Cluster Evaluation

To what extent are the interventions aligned with international, regional and national agreements and conventions on gender equality and women's empowerment, and more particularly on ending violence against women and girls?

A first draft report will be shared with the Evaluation Management Group[1] and, based upon the comments received, the National Gender Specialist/Coordinator will support the Team Lead to revise the draft.

The report will include an evaluation matrix and detailed work plan.

The Evaluation Team, comprising of the International Consultant and two National Consultants are expected to deliver the following products: 1) Inception Report where the Evaluation Team will present a refined scope, a detailed outline of the evaluation design and methodology of the Cluster Evaluation of the two projects, evaluation questions, and criteria for the approach for in-depth desk review and field work (of the two National Consultants, subject to Covid-19 restrictions) to be conducted in the data collection phase. ( fulldate, 18:35

The theory of change underpinning the SN stipulates is that if women, particularly those facing multiple forms of discrimination, equally participate in and benefit from gender-responsive reforms and have increased access to justice, and if transformative changes in social norms, attitudes and behaviors are achieved at community and individual levels to prevent GBV, and if women, particularly those affected by the conflict, equally benefit from state policies, programmes and local plans related to security, justice and recovery, and if the entire UN system delivers on its commitments to gender equality and womens empowerment, then all Ukrainian women and girls will be able to exercise their rights equally with men and boys and equally contribute to and benefit from development, because: National reforms, policies, plans and budgets are gender-responsive; better quality gender data informs the development, monitoring and evaluation of effective and evidence-based reforms; the justice system provides accountability mechanisms for the enforcement of laws and policies and ending impunity for womens rights violations; ( fulldate, 18:35