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Злоумышленники, захватившие ливийский самолет, вместо оружия использовали муляжи Initial forensic exams now showing weapons used in Afriqiyah hijack are replicas.Еспресо TV

Martin Kobler: "Rescue missions attract people smugglers"

Mandela once said: Negotiating an agreement is one thing. Implementing it is much more difficult. Several Libyan sources claim that weapons are being delivered to Libya, despite the UN embargo. They are reportedly coming from several Western countries. Do you...Time-UA

Kyiv reports 20 instances of shelling of Ukrainian troops

...said that in Luhansk sector the enemy repeatedly shelled the populated locality of Krymske using 82mm mortars, infantry fighting vehicles weapons, grenade launchers, anti-aircraft mounts and other weapons.Интерфакс-Украина

револьверного типа предлагали еще большую вместимость и надежность, поэтому конструкция в виде дробовика развития не получила. 5. Stoner 63 Modular Weapons SystemsStoner 63 Modular Weapons SystemsСледующим большим проектом Юджина Стоунера после ухода из Armalite была система Stoner 63, разработанная совместно...Новости N

На территории оккупированного "ДНР" города Макеевка на этой неделе погибли двое местных жителей "Два человека погибли в Макеевке, семь человек получили ранения. Еспресо TV

German police officer dies from injuries after shootout with far-right "Reichsb?rger" in Bavaria

...of Georgensgm?nd. Another officer remains in severe condition, after the right-wing suspect opened fire on officers looking to confiscate his weapons. A German police officer has died after being wounded during shootout with a member of the far-right «Reichsb?rger» movement...Time-UA

Путин ставит Миру ультиматум: Трамп или ядерная война

слово. А русских хакеров – нет и никогда не было. "And, folks, we are so old in terms of nuclear weapons, but Russia is so new in nuclear weapons, and we are so old". Кстати, приятная седовласая дама рядом с...Национальный антикоррупционный портал АНТИКОР

Виступ Директора Департаменту міжнародної безпеки МЗС України Сергія Шутенка на загальних дебатах Першого комітету ГА ООН (мовою оригіналу)

...to reinforce the existing international disarmament and non-proliferation regime. Mr. Chair, We share the view that the use of nuclear weapons is the most serious threat that humankind faces nowadays. We believe that it is essential to strengthen international cooperation...Народна Рада

Russia suspends plutonium deal with US amid worsening ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a halt to a deal with the US on the disposing of weapons-grade plutonium. The move reflects the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington.Time-UA

...to $60,000 per kilogram in Asia. National parks are arming themselves against the illegal hunters. Rangers often patrol with automatic weapons. A veritable war is raging in the bush, with rangers fighting poachers trying to rise out of poverty, and...Time-UA

В мире отмечается Международный день борьбы за полную ликвидацию ядерного оружия

26 сентября в мире отмечается Международный день борьбы за полную ликвидацию ядерного оружия (International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons). Он является одним из международных праздников в системе Организации Объединённых наций и был учрежден в декабре 2013 года...Телеграф

Генсек ООН объявил олимпийское перемирие

должны отбросить разногласия. СМОТРИТЕ ТАКЖЕ: Украинскую сборную проводили на Олимпиаду в Рио Ban Ki-moon calls on all to lay down weapons & put aside differences ahead of #Rio2016 @Olympics - #OlympicPeacehttps://t.co/seoXy1SgMO United Nations (@UN) 26 июля 2016 г. Напомним, XXXI...Фокус

Hidden relocating and accumulating of weapons and military machinery are in progress. The fourth and the most important one.Новости.dn.ua

Обе стороны конфликта не соблюдают Минских договоренностей, несмотря на свои заявления. Еспресо TV

...armed OSCE SMM monitors if they arrive in occupied districts of the Donbas. “If they decide to come here carrying weapons, I will consider this an intervention and all OSCE monitors will be shot dead. This will teach others not...Новости.dn.ua

Suspicious activity at N. Korea radiochemical laboratory, progress towards completing experimental light water reactor

Recent commercial satellite imagery indicates suspicious activity at the Yongbyon Radiochemical Laboratory complex used to produce plutonium for building nuclear weapons, 38 North reports.Ukrainianwall

...away from Mariupol) are the hottest spots along the demarcation line. The number of cases when militants shell them using weapons banned by the Minsk Agreements has grown recently.  The settlements of Zaitseve and Holmivsky located to the north of...Новости.dn.ua

Statement by President of Ukraine at the Forum “Ukraine’s Battle for Freedom Continues”

Ukrainian Army Muzhenko. Unfortunately, every day we have from 50 to 100 shelling per day. Russia continues sending troops, heavy weapons and ammunition into Ukraine a few times a week. Only since January 1, 2016, Russian trains and trucks full...Народна Рада

Militants mortar ATO forces, residential buildings

The combined Russian-separatist forces attacked Ukrainian army positions in eastern Ukraine 72 times in the past 24 hours, using banned weapons along the entire demarcation line, according to press...Ukrainianwall

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