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BBC forecasts UK vote to leave EU

BBC forecasts UK vote to leave EU The UK has voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union after 43 years in an historic referendum, a BBC forecast...Ukrainianwall

FT: High street banks told to stockpile cash in case of Brexit

...in case of Brexit High-street banks are stockpiling cash for Friday under orders of the financial regulator, in case a vote to...Ukrainianwall

Barack Obama to urge Britons to back remain vote on UK visit

Barack Obama will visit the UK next month and use his power to convince Britons they should vote to stay in the European Union, The Independent reported.Ukrainianwall

Denisova says that this is the predominant majority of IDPs with the right to vote, only some 20,000 IDPs have not submitted relevant applications...Украинские новости (ИА)

Donbas Voters Disenfranchised: Millions unable to vote in coming Ukrainian parliamentary elections UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Ukraine Anti-Corruption Agency: Parliament vote seen as key demand of Maidan protesters UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Latvian Coalition Reelected: Pro-Russian vote falls amid fears over Kremlin Ukraine invasion UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

East Ukraine Insurgents Plot November & 39;Election& 39;: Kremlin-backed militants to ignore peace deal vote UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Darth Vader Enters Ukraine Election: Ukrainian vote attracts host of Star Wars candidates UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Pro-Russian Party Poised to Win Latvian Elections: Concorde Party poised for victory in October vote UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Insurgent Election Could Derail Peace Process: Vote casts doubt on Minsk peace process UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Russia Slams & 39;Flawed& 39; Scotland Referendum: Kremlin observers critical of independence vote UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Ukraine NATO Membership Bid: Former Ukrainian PM Tymoshenko initiates NATO membership vote UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

Kremlin insurgents see parallels in Scottish vote: world rejected Russian referendum in Ukraine UKRAINE TODAYSeo-top-news

Citizens in Russia-occupied Crimea allowed to vote in Ukraine& 39;s parliamentary elections UKRAINE...Seo-top-news

"Applause" has moved on to round 3 of Billboard's Hot 100 March Madness! Vote here, Little Monsters!

Vote JT Favorite Male Singer #KCA below now! (or just tweet #VoteTimberlake #KCA!)...

Virginia Tech students: Make sure you know where to vote today.

It's time to go vote!

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