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В Иране прошли массовые митинги под лозунгом "Долой Россию!

- гнездо шпионов!\" Видеозапись в своем Twitter  опубликовал журналист Ахмад Пархизи, освещающий события в Иране. Fun?railles de #Rafsanjani? T?h?ran. Slogans de la foule: \"Mort? la #Russie\" & \"Ambassade russe est le nid des espions\" pic.twitter.com/R674RpkF3x — Ahmad PARHIZI...Gottstat.com

Пассажир выкрикивал лозунги группировки "Исламское государство". #BREAKING Unruly passenger aboard an Indigo Airlines Dubai-Kochi flight sparks scare after shouting ISIS slogans, flight diverted to Mumbai TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) 28 июля 2016 г.Еспресо TV

Пасажир вигукував гасла угруповання "Ісламська держава". #BREAKING Unruly passenger aboard an Indigo Airlines Dubai-Kochi flight sparks scare after shouting ISIS slogans, flight diverted to Mumbai TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) 28 июля 2016 г.Еспресо TV

...demonstration of our position. There is a notice board in my house. Since August 2014, someone used to write the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” on the ads about turning hot water off or on the ads asking people to join...Новости.dn.ua

In Kiev, a new Maidan is brewing up: people demand authority lustration

...building of the Verkhovna Rada on the Constitution Square the rally is going on. People came out with posters and slogans on authority lustration. (photo by Olha Moskaluk, gazeta.ua) The protesters blocked the traffic along the Sadova Street, Hrushevskoho Street...Joinfo

The situation in Russia: a mass psychosis, activists demand to burn Dozhd and Echo of Moscow

People were praying, carrying flowers and icons, and it was accompanied by the aggressive slogans from the stage: "The Russian people need to wake up, get up and destroy..." "You are not just the Russians...Joinfo

...no any pro-Russian activists on the square. The people stand near by DRSA (which is guarded by police concentrated), shouted slogans and broke up.Новости.dn.ua

Створено «чесні» слогани відомих світових брендів

Кліф Діккенс переглянув слогани відомих брендів і представив більш реалістичні, на його погляд, результати в онлайн-збірнику Honest Slogans. Як повідомляє Gizmodo, дизайнер створив більш правдиві рекламні повідомлення головних компаній світу - від Google і Apple, до Pepsi та...NewsMarket

Обамыи американские флаги. Фотоприложение (8 фото): Далее 1 из 8 epa03016781 People burn NATO and US flags as they shout slogans against the NATO airstrikes on Pakistani military checkposts in Mohmand tribal agency, during a protest in Multan, Pakistan, 27...Econo.com.ua

Когда о сайте уже знают люди, информация все продолжает просачиваться в другие ресурсы, продолжая приносить прибыль. Но как же сделать так, чтобы старания по созданию сайта не стали напрасными, чтобы о нем узнали люди, пользователи? Для этого существуют определенные способы,...Налоговый портал Податинет

The committee said that during the conflict in Bakhchysarai the demonstrators cried out anti-Crimean Tatar slogans and calls that explicitly affect the honor and dignity of people in terms of their national identity.Украинские новости (ИА)

The demonstrators carry Ukrainian national flags and banners with the slogans "President, Give us a Worthy Prime minister!" "We are Tired of this Disorder," and "We Need Order and nor What...Украинские новости (ИА)

Paris mosque plastered with racist graffiti, swastikas By The Associated Press Vandals painted swastikas and anti-Muslim slogans on a mosque in the Parisian suburb of Courcouronnes, a mosque official said Monday.Gidinfo.com

The statement also reads that politicians who came to power due to slogans only, try to replace them with absolutely divergent ones.Украинские новости (ИА)

22. Then, I beg your pardon, what are we discussing actually? Of course, we should abandon our keeping for populist slogans and settle the problem. Yet in this case the way out is to increase gas price and increase subsidizing...Derevo.info

The picketers are holding slogans: We were forced to become taxi drivers, do not push us to become revolutionaries, Do not drive is in shadow, Stop pressing small-scale business, let oligarchs pay taxes. Украинские новости (ИА)

...between promises, given to Maidan and the first steps of the Power is amplified every day. Under cover of populist slogans and pseudo reforms, they push Ukraine from authoritarism with rays of democracy to a really medieval feudalism. Devoted vassals...КИД

...propose to create people's opposition. "No entry to NATO!", "Yes to the union of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus!", - such slogans are heard. About 60 people in total participate in the...КИД

...first impression of the draft program I saw is not well-defined. Besides the document style, which surprised me by numerous slogans, I also have concrete remarks. For example, it is not difficult to figure out the priorities. I also did...КИД

She also added that the program must be more concrete and "not only slogans, but concrete figures, concrete terms and concrete actions are to be specified".КИД

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