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Red Cross poll: People more tolerant toward war crimes

...and not become numb to what is happening on the front lines. It’s also important for our politicians to avoid rhetoric that demonizes the enemy. Instead, we have to remember that the enemy is ultimately also a human being and...Time-UA

Turkey minister criticizes "anti-Turkish" Brexit rhetoric during Boris Johnson visit

New UK foreign minister Boris Johnson tweaks his? British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson began a three-day state visit to Turkey on Monday. Time-UA

Клинтон сожалеет о том, что назвала сторонников Трампа "неприличным сборищем"

Я сожалею о своих словах по поводу половины (сторонников Трампа), это было неправильно", - говорится в заявлении. "I won't stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign." —Hillary pic.twitter.com/C3Z7GybJ53 — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 10, 2016 Тем не менее, кандидат в президенты США...РБК-Украина

Zakharchenko and other “Russian world” ideologists, caused considerable aversion among “DPR” supporters, more considerable than constant shelling, rocketing prices, and rhetoric of “republican wiseacres”. “DPR”. Restoration of Donetsk oligarchs’ clan. Part 1 Dubovoy: “Clinical naivety of citizens is depressive when...Новости.dn.ua

Обама Путина опустил, как последнего баклана на зоне

глуп и туп, но не совсем так туп, как пробка. Просто, как дерево. И ещё добавил: «Despite the Kremlin's official rhetoric, Putin understands that Russia’s overall position in the world is significantly diminished. And the fact that he invades Crimea...Seo-top-news

Anxiety in Paris

Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Germany, France, and Russia are meeting in Paris on March 3. Considering the recent rhetoric of all the negotiating sides, Ukraine should not expect anything...Ukrainianwall

Joe Biden has condemned the attack on Ukraine's Prime Minister in parliament on Friday, urging MPs to stop the dividing rhetoric which impedes "the reforms the...Ukrainianwall

...member in east Ukraine was secretly filmed drunk and confessing being a GRU member, before later being caught spreading anti-Ukrainian rhetoric to local...Ukrainianwall

действия, которые планируются", - отметил он. Nuclear threats by Russian Ambassador in Denmark are disturbing, hope that the escalation of rhetoric is not a hint on actions being planned - Edgars Rinkvis (@edgarsrinkevics) 21 Березень 2015 Напомним, ранее посол РФ...Європейська правда

очень безответственная", - отметил он. #Russia stepped up nuclear exercises & is boasting about new nuclear weapons. Perhaps mostly rhetoric, but it is highly irresponsible - Alexander Vershbow (@NATOdsg) 2 Березень 2015 "Россия должна осознать, что нарушая обязательства, избегая...Європейська правда

дуже безвідповідальна", - зауважив він. #Russia stepped up nuclear exercises & is boasting about new nuclear weapons. Perhaps mostly rhetoric, but it is highly irresponsible - Alexander Vershbow (@NATOdsg) 2 Березень 2015 "Росія повинна усвідомити, що порушуючи зобов'язання, уникаючи...Європейська правда


MH17, etc. Margo Gontar noted that due to the growth of Ukraine’s Internet community, Russian media had to adjust their rhetoric and focuse more on fighting fake reports. “We are the enemy, which Russia reacts on; therefore we cannot say...Seo-top-news

Oleh Tiahnybok: choosing between Yushchenko and Zhirinovskiy

...the Parliament of Ukraine. This incredible success of the so called All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” was the result of the fascist rhetoric of the leader of the Party Oleg Tiahnybok. The radically anti-Western, anti-liberal, and anti-EU slogans of “Svoboda” remind the...Octpib.info


...and don't overpromote. Read through the Whole Foods corporate Twitter feed to see how it's done. 6. Don't use corporate rhetoric and jargon. Unless your target audience expects to read jargon from you, avoid using it. For example, if you...Motor Media Review

Principles of Media Criticism

...all centers of power today rely on media and that all use sensory manipulations and simulations, along with story lines, rhetoric, and performances to sell audiences products, candidates and ideas. * The fact that most media, today, from news to...Медианяня

...proceedings, the Minister explained like: "Steel plant will be renationalized and then will be sold". Absolute nonsense, based on Maidan rhetoric and legal nihilism, is an official language of the new Ukrainian power. The Minister openly says about fictitious nature...КИД

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