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Russia accuses Dutch sub of spying on fleet

...a provocative move from a NATO country. Defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the Walrus-class submarine had been spotted 20 kilometers (12 miles) away from the Russia?s Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, which is being accompanied by the nuclear-powered Peter the...Time-UA

...part of the battle of Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo against high pollution in the French capital. It will see 3.3 kilometers (2 miles) of an expressway on the Right Bank from the Tuileries Garden toward the Bastille neighborhood closed to...Time-UA

...ability to broadcast their channels deeper into the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. In Krasnoarmeysk which is located 60 kilometers from Donetsk, "Oplot" channel can be received in HD quality. You can see "Pervy Respublikansky" in a bad quality...Новости.dn.ua

Russia plans second air base in Syria - media

...is looking to scale up its military presence in Syria with the opening of a second airport ineasternHoms, around 25 kilometers south-east of the provincial capital, according to...Ukrainianwall

Russia returns land to China  media

China regained control of 4.7-square-kilometers of land from Russia as five new boundary markers along the countries' border were unveiled in Northeast China's Jilin province...Ukrainianwall

Capacity of Kuban-Crimea gas pipeline to be 4 bcm

The gas pipeline will be to two kilometers long and the approximate area of design is 15 hectares. Stroygazmontazh will build it.Интерфакс-Украина

НБА. Джалил Окафор принял участие в забеге на 5 километров

...running! #RallyWithKevin #RunWithHart pic.twitter.com/wk6jAOoj0k— Rally Health (@rally_health) 29 августа 2015 Ran with @JahlilOkafor today too!! #RunWithHart #SixerStrong @Sixers pic.twitter.com/QwEAtp0PJR— Giovanni kilometers (@jmphilpott98) 29 августа 2015...Tribuna.com

Снимки были сделаны 11 июля с межпланетной станции New Horizons Image Credit: NASA #nasa #pluto #plutoflyby #newhorizons #solarsystem #nasabeyond #science Деловая столица (газета)

...prices on the taxi from Lisichansk to Stakhanov begin from 1600 UAH. Here with the passenger must cross nearly two kilometers on foot, because taxists don’t cross the demarcation...News Daily

Extremals are offered to have a rest not far from frontline

...the ads that trip will be through "Donetsk People's Republic" and the place of the rest is located in 40 kilometers of Shirokino. We would remind that...News Daily

...is positioned in Guiyang and even Anshun City is definitely connected to the cardiovascular of an section of 1795 sq kilometers organizing, is often a national Brand-new Vicinity.читать дальше...Интересно.name

The fires in ATO zone. Will the disaster happen this year?

Moreover three thousand square kilometers of plant cover burned from June to September of last year in ATO zone. The threat of fire has increased...News Daily

Спасатели организовали масштабные поиски выживших в катастрофе самолета во Франции

2 километра. BREAKING From reports we have, #Germanwings #4U9525 The plane is completely disintegrated. Debris spread over more than 2 kilometers AirLive.net (@airlivenet) March 24, 2015 Изначально сообщалось, что на борту самолета находились 148 человек, однако позднее в Germanwings заявили...Reporter UA

ATO in Donbas: a part of Armed Forces of Ukraine willfully left positions - Semenchenko

...of the Mospyne village through Starobesheve, but they were stopped by the blockade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces after 15 kilometers. According to Semenchenko, he cannot understand where the AFU got tanks in this area. Besides, the militants attacked Olenivka.Joinfo

The Baltic Way that moved the world 25 years ago!

...by the Baltic way August 23, 1989, when 2 million people keeping hands were uniting in one chain of 600 kilometers between capitals Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. This was the protest against division of Europe and occupation of the Baltic...Seo-top-news

The situation in Donbass: the militants shot down the Ukrainian MiG-29

Also there was received the information about the downed Mi-8 helicopter. Joinfo

The situation in Donbass: the results of the ATO on August 1

Vladimir Shulga said that the Russian military men intensified their activity at the borders of his region. Yesterday in 2 kilometers from the border there appeared the Russian military positions and the "Firing Line" inscriptions. Shulga added that the amount...Joinfo

The situation in Donbass: ATO forces attacks Pervomaisk

...earth" policy. Читать эту статью на русском Yesterday, July 29 the strategically important town Avdiyivka, which is located about 6 kilometers from Donetsk was discharged. As it was reported today in the ATO press center, the situation in Donbass is...Joinfo

БУК, сбивший Боинг-777, движется в сторону границы России

...military machinery including the above--mentioned "Buk" has passed the point 48.011623, 38.763036 on the road T-0522. It is only ten kilometers left to Russia. It is most likely that the machinery which fired the missiles at Malaysian aircraft will be...Seo-top-news

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