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Ashes of the Singularity Escalation вместе с патчем 2.4 получила поддержку API Vulkan

Результаты хуже, чем для тестирования в DirectX 12. Технофан

Tusk says Avdiyvka escalation should remind world about Russian aggression

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said that the escalation of the conflict in Avdiyvka, Donetsk region, has again reminded the international community about the challenges that carries the Russian...Интерфакс-Украина

В МИД Украины констатировали продолжение эскалации на Донбассе

констатировали, что эскалация на Донбассе продолжается. Об этом написала в своем микроблоге в Twitter пресс-секретарь МИД Украины Марьяна Беца. Ongoing escalation in Donbas. 40 attacks on UA positions by Ru&its militants in violation of internat law and Minsk pic.twitter.com/X71ouqf9s4 —...Новости.dn.ua

Donbas sees escalation amid 94 militant barrages yesterday

Donbas sees escalation amid 94 militant barrages yesterday Eastern Ukraine saw a military escalation yesterday when Russian-backed militants mounted 94 attacks on Ukrainian troops along the entire contact line, according...Ukrainianwall

Poroshenko: Russia uses escalation card to push for its scenario

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says Russia keeps using an "escalation card" to push for its scenario, according to an UNIAN correspondent. Poroshenko says Russia continues supporting its proxies...Ukrainianwall

OSCE reports serious escalation in Donbas pending new talks in Minsk

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine has reported about serious escalation of the security situation on Donbas, including due to the use of artillery systems and mortars...Ukrainianwall

Russian General Staff warns against escalation of conflicts

There is a threat of escalation of existing conflicts and the emergence of new conflicts due to several reasons, including chronic contradictions between countries, Chief of...Ukrainianwall

Confrontation between Russia and Turkey can "shelve" Turkish Stream project  expert

Escalation between Russia and Turkey in the aftermath of the downing of the Russian Su-24 bomber could jeopardize the future of the Turkish Stream offshore gas pipeline, designed to Ukrainianwall

НАТО и ЕС согласовали позицию по сбитому российскому бомбардировщику

нарушении воздушного пространства в ходе военной операции в Сирии. Talked with NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg this morning. Need to avoid escalation #Turkey #Russia Federica Mogherini (@FedericaMog) 24 ноября...NewsOboz

Poroshenko: Combat readiness raised amid escalation in Donbas

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are put on higher alert in the wake of escalation in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with the countrys major...Ukrainianwall

NATO assesses Russias troubling escalation

NATO defense ministers will assess the "troubling escalation of Russian military activities" in Syria, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says, ahead of talks in Brussels, according to the...Ukrainianwall

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says Russia's military support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "could provoke a further escalation of the conflict", as well claiming more lives and...Ukrainianwall

The flare-up in militant attacks and shelling of residential areas by Russian-backed forces have many wondering if this is the beginning of a new escalation; it comes amid reports Ukrainianwall

Ban Ki-moon calls on parties to boost Donbas de-escalation efforts

Alarmed by the recent escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine, UN Secretary-GeneralBan Ki-moon on Monday called all parties to the conflict to end hostilities and...Ukrainianwall

U.S. State Department accuses militants and Russia of Donbas escalation

The U.S. State Department puts blame on the pro-Russian militants and the Russian Federation for the upsurge in the Donbas conflict. REUTERS "We are gravely Ukrainianwall

Week’s milestones. Premonition of Donbas all-in, last respects to Yeremeyev, and difficulties of merger

Statements by militant leaders and intensified shelling suggest further escalation of the Donbas conflict. The ruling party is trying to consolidate into a single entity, but the process is...Ukrainianwall

Ukraine fears big war amid Russia sends in more troops  The Independent

...number of Russian troops close to its borders has risen to more than 50,000 people, raising fears of a substantial escalation in the...Ukrainianwall

Ukrainian interest. Soldierly Turchynov, escalation in Donbas and exchange of sanctions

Ukraines Security and Defense Council Secretary has traditionally stricken an aggressive, warlike pose. The Donbas conflict remains far from settlement and stabilization. Ukraine and Russia have exchanged the announcements Ukrainianwall

Poroshenko Expects Sanctions On Russians That Supported Crimea Annexation, Escalation Of Donbas Conflict To Be Broadened

The president stressed that Ukraine is synchronizing its actions in this area with the European Union... Украинские новости (ИА)

The President notes that Ukraine anticipates billions of dollars of investments in the coming months... Украинские новости (ИА)

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