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Mosul offensive to displace a million people, UNHCR warns

Some 60,000 people have already fled the city since Iraq announced its plans. Here are the countries where most people have gone to fight. Islamic State??Time-UA

Why warmongering on Kashmir is not the way forward for Modi and Sharif

The warmongers in India and Pakistan thrive on the Kashmir conflict. Experts say that the business-minded premiers of the two countries, Modi and Sharif, need to take matters in their own hands and isolate the hawks. Two years ago, Indian...Time-UA

на интеграцию, безопасность и борьбу с миграцией. In 2017, the EU will reduce funds to its least developed members. These countries will be hit the hardest: pic.twitter.com/r7KH4CAUn2 RFE/RL (@RFERL) 14 сентября 2016 г.Багнет

International Redhead Day event in The Netherlands on Sunday, 4 September 2016. Every year natural redheads from more than 80 countries come together at 'Roodharigendag' annual weekend long festival to celebrate their ginger genes. The event also holds the world...Новости N

«Инфостади» предложила программы обучения в Канаде

Первый ваш шаг - обратиться за консультацией к нашему специалисту. pr.adcontext.net

Запорожанку пригласили в Китай для создания украинского музея керамики

...the Ceramic Art Museum of Ukraine as a new addition to the FLICAM. We offer this residency program to your country artists and eventually you will have a museum in Fuping like all other countries.FLICAM is aimed to promote contemporary...Индустриальное Запорожье

Austria ready to help Ukraine recover assets stolen by ex-presidents allies

Ukraine recover assets stolen by ex-president's allies Austrian Ambassador to Ukraine Hermine Poppeller proposed to deepen cooperation between the two countries onassets stolenby former members of...Ukrainianwall

NATO pledges more support for Ukraine and Georgia

NATO pledges more support for Ukraine and Georgia Heads of state and government of the NATO member countries have pledged more support for Ukraine and Georgia, the Alliance said in...Ukrainianwall

Thief Next Door: Russia's rich history of annexing neighboring countries Ukraine Today tells of Finlands Aland islands which once were under the rule of the Russian Empire. And seemingly, Russia's...Ukrainianwall

Ініціатива New Diplomacy приймає заявки на участь у стипендійній програмі Independent Journalism Fellowship for Eastern Partnership Countries. Мета програми - підвищення стандартів журналістики, що висвітлює події на пострадянському просторі. Штатні і незалежні журналісти з Вірменії, Азербайджану, Білорусі...MediaStar

...separate airborne brigade. But this history not only about them. I want to say that it can happen in different countries, between different persons\crews: Ukrainian, Russian, American, Syrian, Chinese and others. I mean it can happen because this... The...Dallas Telegraph

Panama vows change after offshore leaks

Several countries are probing possible financial crimes by the rich and powerful in the aftermath of the leak. President Juan Carlos Varela...Ukrainianwall

...to Turkey as part of an EU deal to attempt to stop the flow of migrants, BBC correspondents in both countries assess its success.Ukrainianwall

U.S., China agree to sign Paris climate change agreement on April 22

U.S. President Barack Obama and President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China announce their countries will sign a Paris climate change agreement on April 22.Ukrainianwall

Over 6,700 Adecco people in 53 countries shared their expertise, tips and tools to help fight youth unemployment and talent mismatch Zurich, March 18, 2016. Adecco Group...pr.adcontext.net

Полиция, по меньшей мере, 17 странах мира призваны к ответственности за вмешательство в жизнь религиозных общин, сообщили исследователи из Pew Research Center (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/03/19/religious-police-found-in-nearly-one-in-ten-countries-worldwide/). Katolik.ru

Министерство аграрной политики и продовольствия Украины намерено привлечь кредит от ЕБРР на поддержку малых и средних фермерских предприятий. Слово и Дело

ЕБРР инвестировал в агросектор Украины 300 млн в 2015 году

Финансовая поддержка ЕБРР охватывает полный цикл аграрного производства, от выращивания до переработки, упаковки и розничной продажи. Капитал

Павленко рассчитывает на помощь ЕБРР малым фермерам

Приоритетными направлениями работы ЕБРР в 2015 году было предоставление финансовых ресурсов частному сектору. Телеграф

Если немцы покупают 85 автомобилей, то словенцы 116

Мы сравнили соотношение количества продаж новых автомобилей в некоторых европейских странах с ВВП страны. Словения Business&Living

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