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...pleased with the final result. For me, this victory is of great importance, because before the tournament I was not confident in my abilities. After the competition in Cincinnati, I did not win, so I am glad of such a...Tennis Time

...expressed varying degrees of confidence about their ability to save enough to build their nest egg, with 45% feeling somewhat confident, 16% very confident and 39% having no confidence they would ever reach their goal. Respondents also have a number...PaySpaceMagazine

...told about the victory in the first round of the Australian Open. “It seems to me that I demonstrated a confident game. It is always difficult to play with a representative of my country, so I am very pleased with...Tennis Time

...almost completely. I also had heavy fights with Denis. He knows how to play fast coverage. Nevertheless, now I am confident in my abilities, so the opponent will have a hard time. This thought pleases. However, anything can happen in...Tennis Time

...one Chris Evert shared her expectations from the Australian Open that starts tomorrow. He has found his game and is confident in himself. If he can finish the match quickly, his chances of success will increase. Now I see in...Tennis Time

...move from duel to duel. I understand that at the moment I am demonstrating a good game and I feel confident. However, any competition always starts from scratch. The post Angelique Kerber: Any competition always starts from scratch appeared first...Tennis Time

...are friends in real life. I liked the way I played, especially the final games. I think it became more confident to feel on the pitch. The third party was much better than the first. At the start of the...Tennis Time

...he is not my coach. He will just be by my side. Of course, a little difficult, but I am confident in my own strength. I became more responsible. Perhaps this is good. We’ll see. I just want to relax.Tennis Time

Знаменитый футболист снялся в экстраординарной фотосессии

...to be a football player. ‘That’s how my career started and that is where I felt most at ease, most confident and happiest. I turned into a totally different person. Once I was on the field I knew that was...Телеграф

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev commented on his in the final tournament in Brisbane. “If Nishikori continues to demonstrate equally confident tennis throughout the season, he will be able to achieve excellent results,” the Asia-Pacific press service quotes Medvedev. The...Tennis Time

Simona Halep told about her readiness for Australian tournaments. During training I had no problems, so that now I feel confident. However, only the official matches will show whether I'm really ready, "quotes Halep AFP. The post Simona Halep: Feeling...Tennis Time

...the tournament in Brisbane. I think that last season I would not have done it. But now I am confident and not afraid of anything. The post Naomi Osaka: No more afraid appeared first on Tennis time.Tennis Time

...a high level. I hope that I can save it all. For a long time I did not feel so confident. I have good expectations from the new season. Of course, age makes itself felt, but I still want to...Tennis Time

...mistakes. Playing at the center court is always difficult. I am sure that Jumhur is able to demonstrate much more confident tennis, “the press service of the APR quotes Djokovic. The post Novak Djokovic: I am satisfied with my actions...Tennis Time

...play, I feel great. This is a new match and a new season. One feels that now he is more confident in himself and also added to the game plan.Tennis Time

...think that such a difficult and lengthy match was useful to me," quotes Kevin. The post Kevin Anderson: I felt confident on the court appeared first on Tennis time.Tennis Time

...the former level. I understand how important it is to surround yourself with the right people. I became much more confident from the point of view of psychology, “- says Saville tennis.com.au. The post Luke Saville: Became more resilient psychologically...Tennis Time

I later opened up as a player, but I think I can do the same way. I feel much more confident now. I need to work on stability, and the results will come automatically. Season 2018 has developed for me...Tennis Time

...me a great lesson. I realized that I have a very strong feed and forehand. After our meeting, I felt confident that I could serve at a high level, ”the WTA press service quoted Thandi as saying. The post Карман...Tennis Time

...bid in being MTRs QR Code payment-system provider. Not only is this a recognition in AlipayHKs technological stability, we feel confident QR Code transit technology will be successfully expanded into more aspects Jennifer Tan, AlipayHK CEO Leveraging Alipay technology, AlipayHK...PaySpaceMagazine

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