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...and was mostly directed towards the real sector of the economy. The 1H 2017 also brought numerous significant transactions and announcements of new investments. https://issuu.com/nicoffice/docs/nic_report_0908_all1 МЗС...Народна Рада

Невже Carl Zeiss буде у Nokia 8?

...our current range does not have Carl Zeiss, which is what this tweet is referring to. Stay tuned for more announcements Nokia Mobile (@nokiamobile) 9 березня 2017 р. Усе зводиться до того, що раніше Nokia лише говорила про те, що...Pingvin.pro

Nokia обещает анонс смартфона 26 февраля в преддверии MWC 2017

одного смартфона под брендом Nokia. В подтверждение этому, на официальной страничке Nokia Mobile в Facebook, появилось сообщение, которое гласит: «More announcements to follow on February 26th… Save the date!».MobiDevices

Poroshenko sets up three offshore companies as Roshen assets restructuring

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has begun to restructure Roshen's assets, having created three offshore companies, while his Roshen assets haven't been transferred to a trust despite his earlier announcements, Ukrainianwall


The struggle for constitutional amendments in the first reading has resulted in casualties. The first faction has left the parliamentary coalition, and this has affected the work of the Ukrainianwall

Ukrainian interest. Soldierly Turchynov, escalation in Donbas and exchange of sanctions

Ukraines Security and Defense Council Secretary has traditionally stricken an aggressive, warlike pose. The Donbas conflict remains far from settlement and stabilization. Ukraine and Russia have exchanged the announcements Ukrainianwall

Реліз Joomla 2.5.11

Вийшла оновлена версія Joomla 2.5.11. Драйвер Memcache некоректно відображає сторінку конфігурації Joomla; Joomla! Україна

IX Международный фестиваль духовной музыки проходит в Минске

Цецилии, покровительницы церковной музыки и музыкантов, после св. Katolik.ru

...in any city without help of intermediaries. The main objectives of the portal: maintaining the quality of the base of announcements; simplicity and convenience of finding offers contained in this database. There is an automatic filtering and manual moderation of...B2BLogger.com

Все замечания и предложения по законопроекту власти призывают направлять на электронный адрес юридического департамента Одесского городского совета legal_department@omr.gov.ua. Odessa-life

Стартует Чемпионат Азии по Форекс 2014

Началась регистрация участников Чемпионата Азии по Форекс - масштабного состязания для трейдеров, организованного при содействии FXOpen. pr.adcontext.net

Streams will include the latest announcements from CCP through broadcasted panels, presentations, PvP...

SOE Live 2014 registration is now open for those who wish to purchase passes to the 14th annual community fan event. It takes place at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas August 14-17. In addition to social events,...

...the expansion will be revealed on Thursday, with more details to follow the next week, and even more teases and announcements until it is released March 5. Currently the upcoming content is known as Path of []...

This year it was easy to look past the dull TV announcements and novelty iPhone taser cases at CES. Because the games business stood front and center, says Matt Martin. The annual...

Spike TVs VGX Awards will be held this evening, bring with it all sorts of news, debuts, trailers and announcements. VG247 will be posting news from the event as it happens as usual, so you will want to keep an...

Persona 5 and series director Katsura Hashino has apologised for series fans for the long wait for this weekends Persona announcements, and said Atlus looks forward to giving them new ways to experience the Persona universe.

...three Persona 4 spin-offs on the way, too. Teaser trailers and all details through the break. In a series of announcements made during a livestreamed event this weekend, and following a [...]...

...doing a #PS4ALLACCESS thing on November 14 (PS4 Eve) at 11pm EST with Geoff Keighley pimping some world premieres and announcements that will definitely involved games that have not been announced for the console. (Perhaps including Journey.) You can stream...

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