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Топ-10 не самых умных президентов США

опубликованы в 2006 г. в журнале Political Psychology. Профессор Калифорнийского университета Дин Саймонтон обнародовал результаты исследования в работе 'Presidential IQ, Openness, Intellectual Brilliance, and Leadership: Estimates and Correlations for 42 U.S. Chief Executives'.Сколько-нибудь достоверно "измерить" ум или его отсутствие по...UBR.UA

Украина выиграла у России право проводить крупнейший форум с публичных закупок

В 2017 году крупнейший мировой форум о публичных закупках Procurement, Integrity Management and Openness (PRIMO) Forum будет проходить в Украине Об этом сообщает Правительственный портал. Соответствующее решение было принято во время конференции PRIMO, которая...Еспресо TV

Speaking to Gamasutra, Bithell said that the openness of the PC means games wont have the same credibility as a console release.

...its Steam Dev Days conference. The big headlines were mined from these talks as they happened, thanks to Valves admirable openness, but theres plenty of detail worth absorbing, on Steam Machines, Valves economics, user generated content, and virtual reality. The...

It's a connected world, consumers are hyper-aware.

...http://mba25.com/ You can find the photo report of MBA25 in Yerevan on facebook P.S. The MBA25 organizers noted the friendless, openness and hospitality of Armenians; it was first time for MBA25 team to come to Yerevan and they admitted it...MBA Strategy

BioShock creator Ken Levine has received the news of Valves championing of Linux as part of a general trend towards more open platforms in gaming.

Стив Джобс о бизнесе: 250 высказываний человека, изменившего мир

...could sleep on the beach at night with your girlfriend. California has a sense of experimentation and a sense of openness - openness to new possibilities. - Playboy, 1985...Буквоид

...tenders and their winners; “The changes, offered by the bill №7532, will lead to worsening of public procurement transparency and openness, significant decrease of civil society control over spending the costs of tax payers”, is mentioned in the petition. Non-governmental...Комитет избирателей Украины

повседневной жизни предложений. Могут отправить на литературный вечер, на соревнования по армрестлингу, в кабаре и, вообще, куда угодно. Приложение MINI Openness работает на iPhone, доступно в iTunes, создано в агентстве Profero. "!-- AddThis Button BEGIN --" addthis_pub='BrandNews'; "!-- AddThis Button...BrandNews

...the region’s furniture supply. Office furniture accounts for 15% of total German production in the furniture sector. The degree of openness of the German office furniture market, however, is lower than the EU-15+2 average, with an export/production ratio of 20.2%...Derevo.info

The key task of the secretariat is to ensure exercising of constitutional powers by the president on principles of openness, publicity and transparency.Украинские новости (ИА)

...of Victor Yuschenko to the post of the President, he and other members of his team declared the principle of openness and transparency of the new Power's activity contrary to the previous Leader of the State", - Chornovil notes in...КИД

...after his election as the president of Ukraine that the new government would operate in accordance with the principles of openness and transparency unlike the government of former president Leonid Kuchma.Украинские новости (ИА)

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stated this while addressing the forum under the theme Regulatory Policy - the guarantee of government openness and transparency.Украинские новости (ИА)

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